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October 27, 2007


October 27, 2007

judo wallet 
kitty treats

October 26, 2007

draw lots

nail pops
October 26, 2007

spackle grift binger frain


placebo exodus


vector verse tissue


October 25, 2007

dropped in to
leaf hover the wide
areas unperformed
this contingent
with another system
of shadow
hands in dew
what pulse precludes
african violets
solemnity in pale
sky obverse includes
a relay kiss
to list behind
weather scored
prayers for
rehearsed perhaps not sought
the sleepwalkers paint
by number kit
serial spectral white

October 24, 2007

I’d worked it down to a crimson delinquency
fast like the car she drives but it was
the soda cracker bop gulag that breached
the velum of my prize.


sweet root rancor

proportions laid in silt


in dark glasses

read the place I leave for you


in rain

a cloud bruised sea

silked to rim

licking out licking in

the mean while

its mauve hesitant