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dome repo
July 29, 2007

I was walking
in a novel
with a wharf-rat
attached to my nose
by the butthole.

I’m a salesman.

July 29, 2007

cats tail

seeing trails

July 21, 2007

fire was trust
distinction is not
implausible here

would you walk in the woulds
rampant with me

July 21, 2007

how do these fish

such a bright blue sky

in your mirror


July 19, 2007

come whiff chez whiff crane whiff
in the spelunkers fu

Abjugation and Bolivar
20 robustos (flea parcel tantamount)

lisp through the scrim


a wonked log a
place where the whir and its gizmo

a loaving square that will nourish
much mulch

where the chink unstrummed
gobs offa runnel

Fifth Curtain
Sing Home

where you    where you    where you    where you

fields      of      description

July 15, 2007

form dripping forms
equal tensions spun

flit / mash

My Chocolate Daisies
My Porch Sister Maize

fumbling a match
fly on the page

July 15, 2007

the random


on the rill

besnook the proofs

dusting down

knuckle cool

against the coal

slum money

to meat the light

July 15, 2007

tribes from the moritorium gloat in the wheels

substance leashed to its periphery of ghosts

tract terse to its time

slow bleedings

leaves glossed black

an aviary of slippery missives

rash of engines

yellow fibers

tiny islands

of equal length

in the squall

cheetah vane
July 12, 2007

that tabasco cap

two trips

down the stairs

up again

wanting is waiting is wading

subgnosis customized


drooling crown

July 12, 2007

if we could catch a house on fire

spiral pegs leaf downwind
winding ground

“to riddle with bullets”